Freedom’s bittersweet way

Freedoms bittersweet way (Musik & Text: Michael Fliegner)

The church bells are ringing saying welcome daylight
a grateful word for the night a last kiss time to say good bye
she stands at the quayside the wind fills the sails
you notice a sp kle leaves her eye rolling down her gorgeous face
now you feel the sun on your Skin you smell the scent of the ocean
taste the salty breath of the sea clouds passing by in slow motione
and you wonder where they’ll go like your heart they will never find a home
but you know that’s the price you have to pay to walk alone along freedoms bitter-sweet way

the sea is a treacherous bride of a jealous kind
you hear her t pting calls in the wind “Come home y ur only mine”
The ink of the sea`s stitched too deep into your skin and soul
the waves are your cradle, the seagulls a choir
singing your sweet lulaby

no place on earth you callhome but the sea no human heart you coul fall for
you leave them behind unknown Islands once discovered,nothing more to reach for

Songtexte St. Nowhere

Rose of Tralee

Rose of Tralee (Musik & Text: Jo Gläßer)

one night I went out with the Boys we had fun and everyone felt it was good
everyone smiled and everyone drank I drank just as much as I could
But somehow the last pint was not good for me so I stood up and stepped out the door
and then I saw her she was Feeling like me so I asked her to come to the shore

so we went just a while and no one of us spoke and we sat down on the stones
looked the waves coming near I puked out my bear and then I felt blamed to my bones
but then she did the same so no one was to blame we just kissed and went to her home
after this night it was never the same as it was and since then I’ll never go out alone

Rose of Tralee you are my Kind of Girl
Rose of Tralee you are my shining Pearl
she can fight like a man and drink like a hore or two
and she’s always the only and best Girl that I ever knew

after years of being married all the burden I’ve carried we still fit together so well
I bring her my Money, I call her my honey and she turns my life into hell
but on saturday night when the feeling is right I go out for a bear maybe two
and I meet my old boys having fun making noise looking for any woman to talk to

Only Polly and Molly and Jenny and Dolly and Kelly and Melly and Mary and Sally
and fat bottomed Jeanny and Mrs. O’Meany and Sue and her mother and even all the others
were just as sweet as you are
and the red haired Girl Christol and my auntie from Bristol and butchers young wife were shard as a knife
when we met at the bar when we met at the bar

you know I will love you like no other
just as Long as you don’t turn out like your mother

Songtexte St. Nowhere

Grief and despair

Grief and despair (Musik & Text: Jo Gläßer)

on my way to different places try to follow other traces
we have seperated somehow we cannot be Partners now
I’ve always tried to be not unfair

you can not be confident to have any requirement
you can’t blame me anyhow I did not give you any vow
there is no Need for grief and despair

one day – you know we’ll meet again
Today  – I’m leaving on this lane

don’t you ever think that I forgot what you said
this Memory is always in my head

when I think of getting old my bones are getting sick and old
then I remember better times and what I said in former rhymes
there is nos Need for grief and despair


The Picture

The Picture (Musik & Text: Michael Fliegner)

you’re like a mirror you are my twin but you won’t lose the youngness of your Skin
you should grow old instead of me leave me my youth the pleasure and my Beauty

leave you my soul my fear of age you shelter me from turning of the page
take all my guilt take all these thoughts don’t need no conscience no moral and no love

slowly a constant fear creeps into my mind
can’t take a look at it I take it out of my sight
I see my life in this picture my cruelness and the dark
I left my soul to this creature my conscience and my heart
I see my life in a picture a creation of my mind
a creature of my soul a creature of my life

she was so fine a real beauty but than she said she found reality 
a poisons kiss I feel mo pain I’ almost sure that I will go insane

the kiss of love a lie with no more feelings 
the scars of sin so deep carved in my heart of Stone
what has become of me no human being
my blade has robbed my only friend’s life I’m alone I’ alone I’ alone

it shows my soul it shows my sins it shows me everything my life has ever been
a face so bad a gaze so mean I see a liar a cheater so obscene



Clouds (Musik & Text: Jo Gläßer)

when he was a Little boy he stood at the edge of the world
he was looking to the west and he was looking to the clouds 
and he wished to be like they were
then he grew up and the times to look up went rare
he had to work very hard and his wishes started to blur

he told himself someday I’ll go to places where the winds starts to blow

I’ll go far far far away I’m gonna catch me a cloud I’ gonna realize it someday
let the wind show me the way I will water the dry land and go to the highlands and stay

then he went older and times didn’t seem to get better 
he went to work every day and when he came home someday
she was gone and she left him a letter
she wrote darling I can’t bear you living like this 
you have to suffer alone I’m going now on my own and leave you this last kiss

when he was aged he forgot that he once had a dream 
and the memory of her that he had loved most vanished and was only aa gleam
when he felt life would end he looked up for the first time since years
he saw a cloud disengage and come closer to him and it whispered in his ears


Skye (Musik & Text: Dirk Frielingsdorf & Tim Roderwieser)

Skye, you are my island, some kind of homeland, part of my life,
Skye, gate to the ocean, clouds over mountains, heart over mind.

These are the reasons why we´re coming to your places
to find a new hope and leave emotional mazes

One, caught by the darkness, without direction, heart full of tears.
And one, doubts in the Northlands, lying in her hands, chained in his fears.

Now I have found my way back into life again,
and now I have found my hope for just one love again,
on the isle of Skye

They, came from the Highlands, rolled over seashores, searched for the life,
They, built up a friendship, climbed up the old man, and found the light

a sign was sent, it was a whale down from the ocean,
a rock was given to the sea in deep Devotion.

Than, we left the darkness, went on to Durness, a new morning came,
now, back from the seashores, Skye our island, gave hope a name.

Songtexte St. Nowhere

St Nowhere

St. Nowhere (Musik & Text: Tim Roderwieser)


Suddenly moved by that old picture of the sea,

I heard it singing, singing just for me.

My heart was my ear and then I knew that I must go,

to reach the horizon, to see where the wind will blow.


He is the rock that waits alone aside the Storr.

He is the old dog lying in front of an Irish door.

He is the wind that blows on top of Lysefjord.

He is the white cross for an unknown soldier fallen on the beach of Sword.


And I left my home to sing along with him,

To see him walking and to walk with him on the outer rim.


So if you go there, you hear the voice of St. Nowhere,

You hear it singing ´cross the forests and plains.

So if you go there you walk with St. Nowhere,

You see him walking ´cross the mountains and waves,

´cross the mountains and waves


He´s riding on the back of a whale on the shores of Whangara.
He is the Lighthouse of Kap Arkona.

He lives in a little red hut on Oknö-island´s waterside

And around Gurnard´s head his breathing forms the lovers tide.


You`ve seen the forty shades of green, but it´s not greener on the other side.

Now that you´re here, you hear it warm and near, it´s in the mountains, the

sand and the tide.

So listen to the voice inside, your soul is the dome for St. Nowhere´s voice

that calls you…

…that calls you home, home,…home,…home,



The last dance of Mary Bayne

The last dance of Mary Bayne (Musik & Text: Tim Roderwieser)

The valley People gathered down by the Riverside
Fiddle and bow were playing on the feast beside the Clyde.

Mary Bayne came up her long red hair waving wild and free,

So Adam took his courage and he asked her: “Flower of Scotland,

save this dance for me.”

This was the last dance of Mary Bayne, no one knew

that she `d never dance again.

The last dance of Mary Bayne and she felt his love was running

through her veins, running through her veins

and he felt the same.

Her father told him: “Leave her, she`s the daughter of the laird!”

He said : “I love her, though I only own a sheep herd!”

But their love was torn in two, he joined the

“Overlord” an went to war,

And when the message came: “He is lost in Normandy.”

Mary left an she swore:

Sixty years later she sits in a wheelchair in St. Mary´s dayroom

A band plays some oldfashioned songs that set her heart in a gloom

An unknown old man comes up to her and takes her hand

And finally she knows him as he whispered: “Flower of Scotland,

Give me this last dance.”

Dance Mary dance and take the stage

and Scotlands flower blooms again

Dance Mary, dance the last dance with him again,

with him again, with him again.

Songtexte St. Nowhere

The road to Elgol

The road to Elgol (Musik und Text: Tim Roderwieser)

Crossing the channel, the white cliffs are in sight.
Breakfast in Kent, then leaving London far behind.
Signs show the aim, we´re heading for “The North”.
Crossing the borders up to the “bonnie, bonnie shores”.

Feel the wind, reach the sky, the Cuillins passing by,
when you´re driving on the road to Elgol with music on your mind, your mind.
See the shore`s getting near, the sound of the waves in your ear.
When you´re driving on the road to Elgol emotions getting high,
the circle is closing when you return to Skye.

Reaching the Highlands with their lochs and their glens,
driving to Mallaig where the road to the islands Ends.
On the Skyeboat we listen to the island´s sound and voice,
it´s Donnie from Portree and Malcolm and his boys.

Our hearts are beating faster as we see Soay, Rhum and Eigg,
our island is crowned by the Black Cuillins´ Peaks.
Over Loch Scavaig the sun´s going down in a glow,
where it all has begun we let the music flow, we let the music grow




Take me away

Take me away (Musik & Text: Michael Fliegner)

There she stands at the window again
looking down to the ships leaving the Harbour
The wind fills their sails and her heart with pain
cause again another hope is gone leaving her behind

and again another day and night is gone
and again her lonely heart sings this old and well known song

Take me away to far and distant shores
Take me away from this cold and dirty place
Want to see the Beauty of the world a place where the sky is blue
Let me listen to St. Nowhere’s rhymes so I can find my peace of mind
ooh sunlight show me the way

the romantic night and the Music is gone
she still keeps on dancing in her memories
away with the wind sweet words whisered in her ear
left behind on this shore her dreams disappear

and when the waves wets her Long hair
she sends a prayer to St. Nowhere
another life is what I wish for
oh please take my somewhere
oh please take me away

Songtexte St. Nowhere