St Nowhere

St. Nowhere (Musik & Text: Tim Roderwieser)


Suddenly moved by that old picture of the sea,

I heard it singing, singing just for me.

My heart was my ear and then I knew that I must go,

to reach the horizon, to see where the wind will blow.


He is the rock that waits alone aside the Storr.

He is the old dog lying in front of an Irish door.

He is the wind that blows on top of Lysefjord.

He is the white cross for an unknown soldier fallen on the beach of Sword.


And I left my home to sing along with him,

To see him walking and to walk with him on the outer rim.


So if you go there, you hear the voice of St. Nowhere,

You hear it singing ´cross the forests and plains.

So if you go there you walk with St. Nowhere,

You see him walking ´cross the mountains and waves,

´cross the mountains and waves


He´s riding on the back of a whale on the shores of Whangara.
He is the Lighthouse of Kap Arkona.

He lives in a little red hut on Oknö-island´s waterside

And around Gurnard´s head his breathing forms the lovers tide.


You`ve seen the forty shades of green, but it´s not greener on the other side.

Now that you´re here, you hear it warm and near, it´s in the mountains, the

sand and the tide.

So listen to the voice inside, your soul is the dome for St. Nowhere´s voice

that calls you…

…that calls you home, home,…home,…home,



The last dance of Mary Bayne

The last dance of Mary Bayne (Musik & Text: Tim Roderwieser)

The valley People gathered down by the Riverside
Fiddle and bow were playing on the feast beside the Clyde.

Mary Bayne came up her long red hair waving wild and free,

So Adam took his courage and he asked her: “Flower of Scotland,

save this dance for me.”

This was the last dance of Mary Bayne, no one knew

that she `d never dance again.

The last dance of Mary Bayne and she felt his love was running

through her veins, running through her veins

and he felt the same.

Her father told him: “Leave her, she`s the daughter of the laird!”

He said : “I love her, though I only own a sheep herd!”

But their love was torn in two, he joined the

“Overlord” an went to war,

And when the message came: “He is lost in Normandy.”

Mary left an she swore:

Sixty years later she sits in a wheelchair in St. Mary´s dayroom

A band plays some oldfashioned songs that set her heart in a gloom

An unknown old man comes up to her and takes her hand

And finally she knows him as he whispered: “Flower of Scotland,

Give me this last dance.”

Dance Mary dance and take the stage

and Scotlands flower blooms again

Dance Mary, dance the last dance with him again,

with him again, with him again.

Songtexte St. Nowhere