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Kicking nature with our feet, just as we´ve something to eat,
Starving down in Africa for weapons from America,
Scottish borders have no shield, to stop the rain from Sellafield,
The weakest ones to pay the bill are the kids of Tschernobyl.
Woods are dying from sour rain, trees are cut down lane by lane,
From Kioto came a plan to clear up the air again,
But the cowboys do not care and still they do pollute the air,
Digging out their own wet graves with music from Katrina and the waves…
Is this the price we have to pay? If we don´t care, we get drowned and washed away.

Like prophets on the strand, whales lie on the sand,
everybody´s looking out for the whalerider
Like prophets on the strand, whales lie on the sand,
everybody´s looking out for the whalerider, the whalerider, for the whalerider…

Spoiling oceans with our oil, poisoning god given soil.
Famous drink in cornish docks is “Torrey Canyon on the rocks”
Our biggest wastebin is the sea, no place for animals to be,
The whales are fleeing to the strand, just to make us understand.
Is this the price we have to pay? If we don´t care, we get drowned and washed away.

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Taking back the land

Taking back the land


Father was born here in spring `24, our home had three windows, a room and a door.

Living out here on the ocean was never easy, but it was all that we had,

Our island was all that we had.

The gouvernement came and they told us to go, pictures of houses in Dingle they showed.

When they had gone my mother started crying, she said: “This is our home”,

this was our home, we had to leave our home.


Here I am again on my own, here  was our home, people are gone, forever

Here I am again on my ground, `cross Blasket Sound, taking the land, taking back the land,

We`re gonna take back the land…


The way to the water was ours to walk, down on the beach with Peig I did talk.

There you could see islandmen proudly growing, like Thomas an Maurice have said,

These were the wonderful strands,  `53 we left our land.


My world came crashing down, when we left our ground, left Blasket Sound,

All that we left on the sands, seemed not worth to build up again, not worth to build up again,

Now it`s time to go back again.


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Call of the blood

Call of the blood

I was running down the hills of Nova Scotia,

with my whole family`s heritage on my back.

I wish to feel and to know, where my roots are,

but the picture of my youth was still painted black.

Someone told me a ship waits in the harbour,

so I followed down the stones beneath on the track.


The captain ordered me then, to pay all my money,

To carry me over and leave this foreign ground,

I hesitated shortly `cause I left my honey,

But the call of the blood was stronger, so I left this town.

Seagulls were guiding us over the wind and the water,

I breathed again and I felt no longer drowned.


I hear a sound in the wind, I´m coming over,

Stronger and stronger it grows, as a spark in the dark.

I feel the blood in my veins, when I´m coming closer,

I left my old life behind for the call of the blood, yeah the call of the blood.


By the dawning of some day I returned to the highlands.

I could smell the scent of the hills, then I reached the shore.

It was at the time when the warriors gathered to fight back,

They got back their courage and weapons and they wanted more

As we landed in Glenfinnan, my heartbeat grew stronger,

This was the aim of my journey, the place I was born.


On the shores of Loch Shiel we raised up again our banners,

In the young Stuart`s eyes I could see the promise of fight

On this holy day I felt like I could live forever,

With the powerfull sound of the pipes we saluted a new days light.

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Johnny Fraser’s lights

Johnny Fraser`s lights

In the storm of 48, there were lights down by the harbourline,
And a crowd of people, running around and a woman was crying,
She was Johnny Fraser`s wife, with a torch in her hand and tears in her eyes,
Saw the incoming boats, they have always been ten but now they were nine,
Now they were nine, now they were nine

When our sailors reached the land, we were told of all what happened outside
In the eye of the storm, Billy Lorimer`s ship was lost in the night
Johnny Fraser he went back, with his lights he tried to be Billy´s guide
Saved the other mens´ souls, but his own ship wrecked and the sea took his life
sea took his life, sea took his life

Save me from the water, for the storm will take our lives,
With the help of Johnny Fraser, you follow his lights, follow his lights,
Johnny Fraser`s lights

Last night we went out, though the forecast told of storm from the north
Thought we`d manage one catch, early enough to hide in the forth
But the stormtide reached our boat, we lost sails and catch and all of our oars
Heard the praying boys for to take the ship just back to the shores
backk to the shores, back to the shores

We were caught by the storm and there was no hope to escape,
Suddenly some lights coming up and the storm began to fade,
`t was a wreck without sails and an old man stood in it`s bow,
“I will show, you the way home, all the way home”, Johnny Fraser`s lights

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The cranes are coming back

The cranes are coming back


All the mountains are covered in snow, the valley is quiet and still.

Now in winter our love can not grow, my heart´s getting cold and ill. 

I remember last summer when we used to dance to the music down by the quay, 

But I had to leave to go back to my home, I can still hear you wispering: “Stay…”


Come the days when the cranes are coming back, I´ll be on my way…

And when summer comes I take the chance to go back and let you remember.

And when summer comes I take your hand and vanish the colds of december.

And when summer comes I take the chance….to go dancing and prancing with you again,

dancing and prancing with you again.


There are times when I´m loosing the faith in our love thin as ice on the lake.

I´ve painted your name on my boat that is sleeping, but I must awake.

On your grandfathers boat you swore me your love, but will it last through the winter?

And if there´s another, can I reach your heart? Is my love strong enough to win you?



to go dancing and prancing and walking and talking,  

to make it a summer that never ends, to make it a summer that never ends.


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Wolves of time

Wolves of time

This night a whisper of a legend goes around
And it says hide away, the wolves are coming down.
A herd of evil, of some long forgotten times,
lead by the scytheman, they are hasting in a line,
right through the valley like a storm they´re rushing in.


They are the wolves of time (they could be you. They could be me)
They are the wolves of time (running down our history)
They are the wolves of time (they are the wolves of time)


A pale moon´s risen, now the silver troop comes in,
these are no sane wolves, they look hungry, torn and thin,
but there´s no anger and no hatred in their eyes
no real offenders, they are victims in disguise
they call the young boys, to leave home and join the horde

Inside the houses people hear the damned call
the boys will follow, mothers crying, values fall.
A transformation into wolves will take their lives,
they´re leaving home now, leaving parents, children, wifes.
gone with the wolves´crowd you can hear them sing and cry:

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Namesless wind blows through my hair my heart is empty now
try to find myself up there somewhere on foreign shore

Will I find my Island a place in an unkown heart
to stay for a lifetime without being rejected ever again

Silent whiser in my ears i arragne my feelings
waves stroke gently the White sand Trouble in my mind

home again in old places knowing each and ev’rything
nothing new not even faces silence in my life

midnight in the sea of love searching souls
same Intention in their Looks but again my blood stays cold

satisfied for a second of my life
it seems to be These stormy nights
they all come and go so fast
but they are never ment to last

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Back from the edge

Back from the edge

I was sitting alone in the dark room of my heart,
All the candles gone out, the voices were gone,
the world outside was a thousand miles apart.
A book with empty pages and a glas filled up with air,
none came near me, the windows were closed,
like a stony figure I sat on my wooden chair.
I´m coming back from the edge, back from the edge.
I`m coming back from the edge, I`m coming back from the edge.
Then a flickering light through the keyhole I could see,
I opened the door, saw the light on the Floor,
a bending road began right in front of me.
Led by the road, I came to the ocean of life.
Heared a voice on the edge, turned around and I left,
The sound of this voice was the reason to survive.

On the way back to my heart then I was dancing in the rain.
You gave me love, you took away my pain.
Back from the edge, back from the edge,  back from the edge,
I`m coming back from the edge, I`m coming back from the edge, I`m coming back from the edge