Johnny Fraser’s lights

Johnny Fraser`s lights

In the storm of 48, there were lights down by the harbourline,
And a crowd of people, running around and a woman was crying,
She was Johnny Fraser`s wife, with a torch in her hand and tears in her eyes,
Saw the incoming boats, they have always been ten but now they were nine,
Now they were nine, now they were nine

When our sailors reached the land, we were told of all what happened outside
In the eye of the storm, Billy Lorimer`s ship was lost in the night
Johnny Fraser he went back, with his lights he tried to be Billy´s guide
Saved the other mens´ souls, but his own ship wrecked and the sea took his life
sea took his life, sea took his life

Save me from the water, for the storm will take our lives,
With the help of Johnny Fraser, you follow his lights, follow his lights,
Johnny Fraser`s lights

Last night we went out, though the forecast told of storm from the north
Thought we`d manage one catch, early enough to hide in the forth
But the stormtide reached our boat, we lost sails and catch and all of our oars
Heard the praying boys for to take the ship just back to the shores
backk to the shores, back to the shores

We were caught by the storm and there was no hope to escape,
Suddenly some lights coming up and the storm began to fade,
`t was a wreck without sails and an old man stood in it`s bow,
“I will show, you the way home, all the way home”, Johnny Fraser`s lights

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