Wolves of time

Wolves of time

This night a whisper of a legend goes around
And it says hide away, the wolves are coming down.
A herd of evil, of some long forgotten times,
lead by the scytheman, they are hasting in a line,
right through the valley like a storm they´re rushing in.


They are the wolves of time (they could be you. They could be me)
They are the wolves of time (running down our history)
They are the wolves of time (they are the wolves of time)


A pale moon´s risen, now the silver troop comes in,
these are no sane wolves, they look hungry, torn and thin,
but there´s no anger and no hatred in their eyes
no real offenders, they are victims in disguise
they call the young boys, to leave home and join the horde

Inside the houses people hear the damned call
the boys will follow, mothers crying, values fall.
A transformation into wolves will take their lives,
they´re leaving home now, leaving parents, children, wifes.
gone with the wolves´crowd you can hear them sing and cry:

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