Taking back the land

Taking back the land


Father was born here in spring `24, our home had three windows, a room and a door.

Living out here on the ocean was never easy, but it was all that we had,

Our island was all that we had.

The gouvernement came and they told us to go, pictures of houses in Dingle they showed.

When they had gone my mother started crying, she said: “This is our home”,

this was our home, we had to leave our home.


Here I am again on my own, here  was our home, people are gone, forever

Here I am again on my ground, `cross Blasket Sound, taking the land, taking back the land,

We`re gonna take back the land…


The way to the water was ours to walk, down on the beach with Peig I did talk.

There you could see islandmen proudly growing, like Thomas an Maurice have said,

These were the wonderful strands,  `53 we left our land.


My world came crashing down, when we left our ground, left Blasket Sound,

All that we left on the sands, seemed not worth to build up again, not worth to build up again,

Now it`s time to go back again.


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