Call of the blood

Call of the blood

I was running down the hills of Nova Scotia,

with my whole family`s heritage on my back.

I wish to feel and to know, where my roots are,

but the picture of my youth was still painted black.

Someone told me a ship waits in the harbour,

so I followed down the stones beneath on the track.


The captain ordered me then, to pay all my money,

To carry me over and leave this foreign ground,

I hesitated shortly `cause I left my honey,

But the call of the blood was stronger, so I left this town.

Seagulls were guiding us over the wind and the water,

I breathed again and I felt no longer drowned.


I hear a sound in the wind, I´m coming over,

Stronger and stronger it grows, as a spark in the dark.

I feel the blood in my veins, when I´m coming closer,

I left my old life behind for the call of the blood, yeah the call of the blood.


By the dawning of some day I returned to the highlands.

I could smell the scent of the hills, then I reached the shore.

It was at the time when the warriors gathered to fight back,

They got back their courage and weapons and they wanted more

As we landed in Glenfinnan, my heartbeat grew stronger,

This was the aim of my journey, the place I was born.


On the shores of Loch Shiel we raised up again our banners,

In the young Stuart`s eyes I could see the promise of fight

On this holy day I felt like I could live forever,

With the powerfull sound of the pipes we saluted a new days light.

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