Skye (Musik & Text: Dirk Frielingsdorf & Tim Roderwieser)

Skye, you are my island, some kind of homeland, part of my life,
Skye, gate to the ocean, clouds over mountains, heart over mind.

These are the reasons why we´re coming to your places
to find a new hope and leave emotional mazes

One, caught by the darkness, without direction, heart full of tears.
And one, doubts in the Northlands, lying in her hands, chained in his fears.

Now I have found my way back into life again,
and now I have found my hope for just one love again,
on the isle of Skye

They, came from the Highlands, rolled over seashores, searched for the life,
They, built up a friendship, climbed up the old man, and found the light

a sign was sent, it was a whale down from the ocean,
a rock was given to the sea in deep Devotion.

Than, we left the darkness, went on to Durness, a new morning came,
now, back from the seashores, Skye our island, gave hope a name.

Songtexte St. Nowhere

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