The Picture

The Picture (Musik & Text: Michael Fliegner)

you’re like a mirror you are my twin but you won’t lose the youngness of your Skin
you should grow old instead of me leave me my youth the pleasure and my Beauty

leave you my soul my fear of age you shelter me from turning of the page
take all my guilt take all these thoughts don’t need no conscience no moral and no love

slowly a constant fear creeps into my mind
can’t take a look at it I take it out of my sight
I see my life in this picture my cruelness and the dark
I left my soul to this creature my conscience and my heart
I see my life in a picture a creation of my mind
a creature of my soul a creature of my life

she was so fine a real beauty but than she said she found reality 
a poisons kiss I feel mo pain I’ almost sure that I will go insane

the kiss of love a lie with no more feelings 
the scars of sin so deep carved in my heart of Stone
what has become of me no human being
my blade has robbed my only friend’s life I’m alone I’ alone I’ alone

it shows my soul it shows my sins it shows me everything my life has ever been
a face so bad a gaze so mean I see a liar a cheater so obscene

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