Rose of Tralee

Rose of Tralee (Musik & Text: Jo Gläßer)

one night I went out with the Boys we had fun and everyone felt it was good
everyone smiled and everyone drank I drank just as much as I could
But somehow the last pint was not good for me so I stood up and stepped out the door
and then I saw her she was Feeling like me so I asked her to come to the shore

so we went just a while and no one of us spoke and we sat down on the stones
looked the waves coming near I puked out my bear and then I felt blamed to my bones
but then she did the same so no one was to blame we just kissed and went to her home
after this night it was never the same as it was and since then I’ll never go out alone

Rose of Tralee you are my Kind of Girl
Rose of Tralee you are my shining Pearl
she can fight like a man and drink like a hore or two
and she’s always the only and best Girl that I ever knew

after years of being married all the burden I’ve carried we still fit together so well
I bring her my Money, I call her my honey and she turns my life into hell
but on saturday night when the feeling is right I go out for a bear maybe two
and I meet my old boys having fun making noise looking for any woman to talk to

Only Polly and Molly and Jenny and Dolly and Kelly and Melly and Mary and Sally
and fat bottomed Jeanny and Mrs. O’Meany and Sue and her mother and even all the others
were just as sweet as you are
and the red haired Girl Christol and my auntie from Bristol and butchers young wife were shard as a knife
when we met at the bar when we met at the bar

you know I will love you like no other
just as Long as you don’t turn out like your mother

Songtexte St. Nowhere

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