The road to Elgol

The road to Elgol (Musik und Text: Tim Roderwieser)

Crossing the channel, the white cliffs are in sight.
Breakfast in Kent, then leaving London far behind.
Signs show the aim, we´re heading for “The North”.
Crossing the borders up to the “bonnie, bonnie shores”.

Feel the wind, reach the sky, the Cuillins passing by,
when you´re driving on the road to Elgol with music on your mind, your mind.
See the shore`s getting near, the sound of the waves in your ear.
When you´re driving on the road to Elgol emotions getting high,
the circle is closing when you return to Skye.

Reaching the Highlands with their lochs and their glens,
driving to Mallaig where the road to the islands Ends.
On the Skyeboat we listen to the island´s sound and voice,
it´s Donnie from Portree and Malcolm and his boys.

Our hearts are beating faster as we see Soay, Rhum and Eigg,
our island is crowned by the Black Cuillins´ Peaks.
Over Loch Scavaig the sun´s going down in a glow,
where it all has begun we let the music flow, we let the music grow




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