Freedom’s bittersweet way

Freedoms bittersweet way (Musik & Text: Michael Fliegner)

The church bells are ringing saying welcome daylight
a grateful word for the night a last kiss time to say good bye
she stands at the quayside the wind fills the sails
you notice a sp kle leaves her eye rolling down her gorgeous face
now you feel the sun on your Skin you smell the scent of the ocean
taste the salty breath of the sea clouds passing by in slow motione
and you wonder where they’ll go like your heart they will never find a home
but you know that’s the price you have to pay to walk alone along freedoms bitter-sweet way

the sea is a treacherous bride of a jealous kind
you hear her t pting calls in the wind “Come home y ur only mine”
The ink of the sea`s stitched too deep into your skin and soul
the waves are your cradle, the seagulls a choir
singing your sweet lulaby

no place on earth you callhome but the sea no human heart you coul fall for
you leave them behind unknown Islands once discovered,nothing more to reach for

Songtexte St. Nowhere

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