Flanders Fields

Flanders Fields (Musik & Text: Tim Roderwieser)

The broken garden gate is dangling in the wind at night,

Since he`s been gone, it`s dark around even in the brightest daylight.

There`s nobody there to talk to, she even doesn`t really remember his voice.

A silent shroud has covered the land, the war has taken all the boys.

From all directions trains arrive in nameless Belgian stations.

Platforms fill up with soldiers from all across the nations.

In between he shivers in a cold and crowded wagon,

He holds her picture and guards it like a treasure watched by a starving Dragon.

I send a wish to heaven above, let me once see again the one I love.
Put down the weapons, put down the shields and let me get away from here

from Flanders Fields.

Hiding in a mudhole he hears rain and bombs are falling down,

As the battle begins, he feels like a child fallen in awell in the fear to drown.

When their vows were cleared, he could see the sunlight shining through her hair,

The only thought when he fell was how to get their broken garden gate repaired.

Fifty years have passed since he came back one night,

Another war came up, but a broken man wasn`t sent to fight.

On Loch Duich shores many garden gates fell to the ground,

On the castle`s memorial letters show how Flanders voices sound:

We are the dead, short days ago, we lived, felt dawn, saw sunsets glow,

loved and were loved, and now we lie in Flanders Fields.

Songtexte St. Nowhere

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