My only one

My only one (Musik & Text: Jo Gläßer)

Everyday that I awake I can see you by my side
every move I want to make you are my guide
in every Moment of my life and in first degree
you will always be the only one for me

you give me shelter and relief even reliance and belief

you’re the reason that I’m strong you’re the ground I’m wlaking on
you’re the matter that you are – my only one
you give me hope when I am weak you still believe me when I speak
you’re still near when you are far – my only one

and when you think that all is great and everything’s alright
you begin to tempt your fate and sunny days turn into night
so you fulfilled your destiny and left us all with any strife
I’m not alone our love will be always stronger than our lives

Songtexte St. Nowhere

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