Atlanterra (Musik & Text: Tim Roderwieser)

Do you feel that time is running out and your thoughts are filled with fog,
there´s no music and the only sound is the ticking of the clock,
wipe this all away, listen what I say, get your things together turn your mind on purple heather.
We will pack the busses with the boys and we make some noise
and we let our spirits fly to the western coast again.

Take me back home to the breaking waves on the shores of Atlanterra.
Seems to me like we´ve never been apart.
Deep in our soul is a well known place and the sound of Atlanterra,
here you will find the freedom for your heart.

We have seen the force awakening, on the Skelligs we stood like Jedi Lords,
won the Durness football championship, danced on the Muir of Ord.
Midges in the port, everyday we got on board of another Cal Mac Ferry, made it home to Scott and Mairi,
sailors of the Oich and the Ness, winding up to Healy´s Pass,
now the time has come for the knights of Patsy Dan!

You´re divided though you share legends from both sides of the great divide.
A stormy danger but we dare to take this final boat to the other side.


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