Dust of falling stars

Dust of falling stars (Musik & Text: Michael Fliegner)

Days are dark now, times are hard now, rain falls down like cursed tears,
hope is gone so long ago, like leaves from a dead tree.
Nothing´s right but all is wrong, no light in all this darkness,
a future´s not predictable, hearts are full of fears.

Sometimes angels drink from lakes of shattered dreams, breathe the dust of falling stars.
A winged savior swallows clouds of broken words, crushes mountains out of lies.
Now your´re falling headfirst in a dream, now your soul glides up to the stars,
now there is no time for ugly tears, now is the time that hope finds its way back to your heart.

Sleepless nights and endless fights, words struck in like thunder.
Fury blinds the eyes of truth, affection disappears.
A useless search, an aimless curse, like fishing in a dead sea,
a gannet on a desperate rock longs for winds to hopeful shores.


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