Culloden (Musik: Anduril, Text: Tim Roderwieser)

We have always been right by your side, now a shadow´s crawling in the night.
The enemy is closer now than it has ever been,
the crows are waiting for a feast in the moorlands in between.
You´re still young and brave and full of pride.

You took us cross the border to some southern places,
but strength has turned to fear on the clansmen´s faces.
The end of days is coming now, come fellows raise your arms,
we´re guests of the last supper in our land that´s full of harm.
Who will bring us home when this day is done?

Every man dies, not every man is really living!
We´re protecting the land, our souls are what we´re giving.

The Fourtyfive has come to an end, here side by side for the last stand.
Jacobites, hold fast, until the morning light!

Fivethousand men, all that´s left of your troops after all.
Of course we do know of our fate, but we stand tall.
Our blood runs like a river and our fortune´s crushed like ice.
You raised our land one time again but now we pay the price.
Where is our king? Don´t let the Highlands fall!

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