Silverfalcon (Musik & Text: Tim Roderwieser)

In the time when Ubique Terrarum and Fury saved people from fire
your home was a library and the smell of the books did inspire,
to find all the places from the lines on the pages, where wizzards and dragons did hide.
In these days the whole world was open so wide.
If you take all your courage you will be a much stronger man,
if the colours are fading, you must paint the picture again.
Bring together the youth and the age, in the North you will enter your stage,
if you spread out your wings you will be a Silverfalcon again!

Silverfalcon, if you rise up again, then I wanna fly with you!
Silverfalcon, if it happens again, then the whole world is yours.

You rode the White Horse of Litton Cheney, played Tambourine Man with the Birds,
slept in bunkers, you´ve always swum against the speed of all salmon herds.
The Old Lime was a nest for The Twens and later for the Sticky Pants.
Can´t you see that the tide is turning inside?
If the weakness is fading the light, your courage is shining so bright.
Have you ever seen the misty Hebrides and mountains where purple heather grows?
Come with me and I will show you places where the Spey and the Highland music flows…

Songtexte Atlanterra

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