Guardian (Musik & Text: Hannes Koch)

endless nights the moon is shining bright I lie awake
this frightening light still I’m trying to find some peace – for heaven sake
all the things I’ve done placed on heaven’s vage
the works of love the words of rage
like a movie of my life like a picture in a row
hopeless fears grow and grow

on an on the thoughts capture my mind an slightly shock me
but you are there your touch will ease the pain you’ll gently rock me
soon my spirit will fly again over silent seas and my mind will be released
and you ease my pain from this moment I feel nothing
more I can adore

give me your guidance
give me your guidance

let me walk through foreign places
hand in hand on hopeful traces

show me the future let me believe in live
be my guide stay with me

comes the day whenall the tears are dried and pain will end
you’ll be there together we are strong for the last stand
I know the day will comewe will go with the tide
my guardian you stay on my side

Highland Commander

Highland Commander (Musik & Text: Tim Roderwieser)

Came in from the west to the boats of the Highlands,
took over the rudder, the band went aboard.
First gig: At Benleva we played on the Nessbanks,
our keel cut the waves and the water like Aragorn´s sword.

The beat of the boat and the engine just sounded like drums and bass,
and the tune of the song was like wind on the hills and the lake.
The water of life filled our souls and the spirit let legends grow,
as we sang of the land and the people and tales were awake.

Just spread your wings out and fly through the glen,
on a Highland Commander our music is send to cover the land.

On the back of an eagle that lay on the water,
we sung of the wolves and the call of the blood and the whales.
The giant Ben Tee waits to be crowned by a walker.
Three soldiers still guarding the people, the bens and the vales.

Across the great divide

Across the great divide (Musik & Text: Tim Roderwieser)

Solitary land, crumbling walls, a long and plaintive band, too feeble to walk,
born and raised here, but now on their way,
children alongside, only sheep herds will stay.
Disappeared behind the Highland hills,
now their homeland´s quiet and still, they are gone.

Ships to Canada take the crofters across, the landlords stole their ground,
now everything´s lost.
A cry of grief over the land re-echoes through the empty glens,
hear them cry:

„We are going across the great divide and the people we´re leaving behind us
are the memories of our lives.
We are going across the great devide and the homeland that couldn´t
protect us is now so far aside …“

Children of the Gael famished by the blight,
on a final sail after Balinglass nights.
Broken spirits in tatters and rags get on coffin ships with a pall as a flag.
From the fields of Athenry comes a deep and desperate sigh:
„My children are gone!“

During the times of a worldwide darkness poets and thinkers left their homes,
but these were just a few and most of them were caught.
Albert, Berthold, Marlene, Thomas and Heinrich
fled the brown terror and crossed the Atlantic,
scared by a land that should have been their home.


Skye Dance

Skye Dance (Musik: Hannes Landau, Text: Tim Roderwieser)

Stamp to the beat of the band on the ground
come let your Spirit fly

See how the Boys and the Girls twirl around
Dance to the Sound of Skye