Thanks to the Irish

Thanks to the Irish (Musik & Text: Michael Fliegner)

On day one of our journey we crossed the Irish Sea,
a hotel at the harbour, the first place we´d got to be.
With a look out to the Old Head we played „Johnny“ at the shore
and in Dingle at An Conair´s „Taking back the land“ once more.

In the morning a Full Breakfast, noon till dawn the Irish sun,
on the left always the seaside, we are Anduril on the run.
In the evening a grilled Sirloin, grab a can of tasteful black,
take a look out to the ocean where the sun burns a ship´s deck.

You warmed our hearts with your smile, we felt welcome in your land,
you made us a home for a while, made it easy for our band,
there is just one thing for sure: One day we will be back
to the beauty of the forty shades and the taste of Irish Black.

Standing there upon green mountains, feeling like this must be fake,
breathing in the magic moments at the mystic Barley Lake.
Climb the steps up to the monks and birds, Little Skellig in the mist,
throw the balls down on the Blasket Sand, Mr. Rhythm raise your fist.

So we say: „Thanks to the Irish and to our promised land,
you warmed our hearts with your smile, we felt welcome in your land.“

Talisker Bay

Talisker Bay (Musik & Text: Hannes Landau)

Life isn´t simple and your track isn´t always straight.
Sometimes it´s cloudy and you fear to lose your way.
Every night follows daylight, there´ll be sunshine after rain.
Your dark cloud shifter comes from this place.

Just sit down and relax and breath the air,
enjoy the outlook let the wind blow your hair.

Take me back to Talisker Bay, where time stood still, where I found my way.
Take me back where I belong, to the coast where I became strong.

Every wave reached my heart every stone keeps a memory.
What once was hard to find: My spirit will be free.
If burdens shading your mind, let the clouds take them aside.
Written in the water: Welcome back to life!

The light on the horizon will ease the pain, coming back to this coast is always a gain.

Running for Life

Running for life (Musik: Markus Blumberg, Text: Hannes Koch)

Walking the path day by day, the same old way,
the birds and the trees , the well known noises.
Asking myself everytime: “Why should I stay?”
Louder and louder I hear these voices:

„You`re running and running the same old ways, you`re running in circles.”

Illusions? Still there all the time, but fading like worn out sheets.
They`re covering me by loosing their colours.
Deep in my heart in the middle of my mind are fears I cannot defeat.
My conscious is clear but afraid of the dawn.

Still hoping and praying for better days. You`re running for life.

“Just turn around” ,says the cat with a smile, “I´m the one, I give you protection.”
“Just turn around and rest for a while, I´m the one to show you direction.”


Guardian (Musik & Text: Hannes Koch)

endless nights the moon is shining bright I lie awake
this frightening light still I’m trying to find some peace – for heaven sake
all the things I’ve done placed on heaven’s vage
the works of love the words of rage
like a movie of my life like a picture in a row
hopeless fears grow and grow

on an on the thoughts capture my mind an slightly shock me
but you are there your touch will ease the pain you’ll gently rock me
soon my spirit will fly again over silent seas and my mind will be released
and you ease my pain from this moment I feel nothing
more I can adore

give me your guidance
give me your guidance

let me walk through foreign places
hand in hand on hopeful traces

show me the future let me believe in live
be my guide stay with me

comes the day whenall the tears are dried and pain will end
you’ll be there together we are strong for the last stand
I know the day will comewe will go with the tide
my guardian you stay on my side